Roller conveyors

Safe roller conveyors

With an integrated roller conveyor in front of the rack, the first level runs through under the conveyor (as a pick or return level). Our unique roller conveyor has a safe and rounded front beam, so your operators can safely lean against the system without any risk of injury.


Our sturdy roller conveyors have 400 mm long plastic rollers. Other lengths are available on request. Choose the roller pitch to match the size of your order boxes: 105 mm, 70 mm and 35 mm are available. We are happy to give you further information on this.

Other gravity conveyors

You can also use your own gravity conveyors in front of the rack. In that case we only supply the (adjustable) supports. The first level also runs through under the conveyor. You place your own conveyor on top of the supports. Inform us about the dimensions of your conveyor and we are happy to work this out for you.