Application areas

Application areas

Traditionally there are 3 main areas of application for the flow rack: order picking (whole sale and retail), Materials supply (production and assembly and in all cases where First-in First-out is of importance. offers flow racks for order picking and First-in First-out. Visit for kanban racks for materials supply to production or assembly lines.

Boxes and bins

The stock keeping units (SKU’s) form the basis of a well-functioning flow rack: flat, stable bottom. No edges, flaps or staples sticking out. Not top-heavy, weight evenly distributed in the box. Weights up to 30 kg are possible, but ergonomically not advisable.

Special bins

In the sectors Automotive, Food and Retail, often special bins without a flat bottom side (but with blocks or ribs) are used. With our extensive experience we can offer a good solution for most of these bins. On the request form you can point out if you use these kind of bins.