2. Try before you buy

Unique - try before you buy

In doubt of usefulness or quality of flow racks for order picking? No problem: just send back the racks if they do not suit you. We make it easy for you, do not ask questions and accept damaged materials.

How it works

After quotation and ordering we swiftly deliver your racks (and send the invoice). You try out the racks and if you do not like them, you return them within 1 month after delivery. We make up a 100% credit invoice, without questions, without any fuss.

Maximum of 2 bays

This service is limited to orders with a maximum of 2 bays (enough to try out the flow racks). You arrange and pay for the return shipment. We do not ask questions and accept damaged materials.

On request without an invoice

Trying out without an invoice is possible on request. State this specifically at ordering and we do not send an invoice yet. You decide within 2 weeks after delivery if you want to keep the materials (at that time we send the invoice) or that you want to return the materials (no invoice will be send).


This service is valid for all rack dimensions defined in this webshop, but not for other (specially agreed on) rack dimensions. In many cases we have to check the credit status of your company. This can lead to exclusion of the try before you buy service.